Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Christopher D Sims - Tanya's Hungry

Welfare is not at all fair
Especially when you factor in
The cost of health care
and a woman needing a perm
in her hair. 

She stares at an empty pantry
producing nothing but starving children. 

Tanya's hungry without hope.
Her food stamps ran out
Just like the father of her starving

Mothers in the millions
Face this rediculous reality.
Mathematically, we were
doing better in the 80s and

Tanya's hungry and
who the hell cares??!!

In the pantry she stares,
and stares, and stares.
Hoping that food magically

How can the cost of food rise
when the level of "livable wages"
stay the same???

Politicians remained removed
from most people's heartache
and pain.

Debating about nada
when Tanya after Tanya
deal with the drama in
food stamp offices and
long lines.

Tanya's hungry. She's hungry
as hell!! She asks, What can I
sale? What can I invent? What
can I create? For the baby's 

Tanya's hungry. Tanya's hungry.
Tanya's hungry.

We need more government cheese
to feed the needy. Unbelievably,
the poverty rate is just that high.

Tanya cries and wonders why.

Tanya's hungry!

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