Saturday, 27 August 2011

Christopher D Sims - The Way You Touch Me

The way you touch me
is symphony stuccato like.
Leaning towards love and
feelings of lavender.

The way you touch me teases,
tosses, turns, tightens, and
transforms my essence.

The way you touch me
is beyond description.
I can't put a hold on the

I turn to Saturn and Mars for answers
- the experience is just that out there.

The way you touch me
is jazz
is justice
is granduer is great
Carries me to elegant evenings.
is the moon's music, the sun's rays
on the softness of my back.
I don'tknow how to act
when you touch me.

Is love on high
Heaven in purple hues.
My muse, sometimes I
get so confused, but I know
I can't lose.

Your touch I wont refuse.

Is awesome, awakening,

Is evidence of divinity.
Is continuously on my mind
when you're not touching me.

Is subtle, like satire, makes me sing
is incredible, special, brings me solitude.

Is like a Maxwell song, Sade, Jill Scott,
Anita Baker, your touch is major.

Is beyond words, preferred, the slightest verb.
Unnerves me in the most delightful ways.

For your touch, I pray.

© Christopher D. Sims 2011
All rights reserved

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