Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Gama Clothing presents: Black Music (a poem)

Whether conscious rap , neosoul,
or jazz. I am checking for the latest
sounds to indulge in. Me it captivates
and cultures. I am a true soldier for
Black music. There's a variety of reasons
why I breathe it, choose it.

I choose the blues
with rhythm,
808's don't break my heart
negro spirituals was our start
then it started to evolve to
boom bap/ba boom bap
oh what a rapper's delight

Hip-Hop hooray! I believe I fell in love
with rap music on a Saturday. Jazz
fan, indeed. Poetry's like a trumpeter's
dizzying speed. I need soul like Al Jerreau,
Anita Baker, and Sly Stone. Organic soul music
is what I'm on. Black music is Ray Charles
meditating in front of the microphone.

And I'm a microphone fiend
for Kurtis Blow and Latifah the Queen
Black Music has been immitated and duplicated
stolen and given back
it gives me somethin' I can feel
and soul it doesn't lack

I Got It Made is what Special Ed said.
Rakim is the reigning rap legend that
used his lyrics to elevate. A true great, like
Aretha Franklin or Mahalia Jackson.
Loved Red Man's classic Time 4 Sum
Aksion. I'm a Coltrane fan. Miles Davis
was the man.

The man, woman, and child
all go wild for it
we fight the power with it
we overcome with it
it comes from the heart
it can't be scripted
It's our say. It's our Billy Holiday
It's the way we feel the rythum
in our bones
It's our Paul Robeson, our Nina Simone

© Katisha Burth and Christopher D. Sims
All rights reserved by authors.

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