Friday, 19 August 2011

Christopher D sims - If politicians really cared..

If Politician's Really Cared - A Poem by Christopher D. Sims

if politician's really cared,
we would not be in such
a drastic situation.
we would not talk of inflation
or global invasions.

if politicians really cared
Joan could keep her house.
American manufacturers
would not have relocated oversees
or flooded the South.

if politicians really cared
we'd have a more balanced
political system. less Black and
Latino men would be locked up
in prison.

if politians really cared,
education would mean much more.
how to really motivate our children
would be the most important subject
being debated on the House floor.

if politicians really cared, America
would be more than just the "best."
we'd be a true beacon of light
that held hands and participated
with the rest.

Copyright Christopher D. Sims 2011
All rights reserved by author

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