Saturday, 26 November 2011


Hello to you, new product alert...The return of the bow tie. Can't fold one? No worries, these have an elasticated band for easy wear. So, if you want to rock a 1968 Open University vibe, or a mid 60's Ivy League look, then these should help  you out. Available in red, green, grey, dark red, dark green, dark brown and dark blue.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pretty Green Presents Andy Bell - Gary Crowley Interview

Gary Crowley whose GCT's clothing label is sold exclusively here at Gama Clothing, is seen here interviewing Andy Bell at a Pretty Green party, talking clothes, music, and more....

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pretty Green Presents Martin Freeman & Jonny Owen - Gary Crowley Interview

Gary Crowley whose GCT's clothing label is sold exclusively by Gama Clothing, is seen here discussing music and fashion with actors and Gama fans Martin Freeman and Johnny Owen. Good stuff fellas....

Monday, 10 October 2011

Christopher D Sims - The Unemployment Line

I am running out of time. I am losing my mind.
Standing in this unemployment line. The electric
bill is due, no I am not fine! I don't have a dime.
The refrigerator's empty. Bill collectors are
threatening to come and get me. No one has any
patience or sympathy. Imagine living in a house
with children with no electricity.

I flip through the newspaper's classified pages,
knowing that whatever I receive will be of the
lowest wages. The government is breaking down
our earned benefits into stages. I feel weightless
in a world of heavy burdens. Does my senator
or congressman even know that I'm hurting?!

Fumbling through the lint in my pocket. I am
the target of judgmental eyes. Having no money
leaves me paralyzed. What kind of plan can
these politicians devise? Factory after factory
continue to downsize. Escaping taxes as they
move to Mexico, telling their former employees

I stand behind professors, teachers, carpenters,
dishwashers, social works time after time. I am
feeling defeated in this unemployment line.

© Christopher D. Sims
October 8th, 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Unemployed Men by Christopher D Sims

I see them at the library.
Faces burried deep into
newspapers, the classified

With nowhere to go, time
ticking slow, all other things
are void.

I see grim faces on these men.


Lost hope.

Forgotten dreams.

They remember union work
with membership with the
United Auto Workers, high tech
jobs, and back breaking overtime.

What are they finding in newspaper's
words besides high unemployment

I become one with them. I feel their

Do they still love America?

As their eyes peer over the local paper's
blues, who's going to bring them good

© Christopher D. Sims
September 22nd, 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Red Tipped 'Harrington'

The 'Harrington' jacket, is a popular crossover item from the Ivy League wardrobe. Named after a character from a USA soap opera (Peyton Place I believe) who wore a jacket of this type. This jacket has soft cuffs and waistband, tipped with a black stripe, as does the collar. Linen finish, deep red colour, and upper lining in a nice blue tartan. Nice little jacket, more pics to follow. Available now at

Monday, 19 September 2011

Franks Drum Shop navy sweatshirt

A nice crew neck medium weight sweatshirt in navy, with white print. The design boasts a map of the USA and a pair of drum sticks.... Getting a bit chilly now, so this is the ideal thing to slip on over your Gama t-shirt. Got beats?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Gama Clothing presents: Black Music (a poem)

Whether conscious rap , neosoul,
or jazz. I am checking for the latest
sounds to indulge in. Me it captivates
and cultures. I am a true soldier for
Black music. There's a variety of reasons
why I breathe it, choose it.

I choose the blues
with rhythm,
808's don't break my heart
negro spirituals was our start
then it started to evolve to
boom bap/ba boom bap
oh what a rapper's delight

Hip-Hop hooray! I believe I fell in love
with rap music on a Saturday. Jazz
fan, indeed. Poetry's like a trumpeter's
dizzying speed. I need soul like Al Jerreau,
Anita Baker, and Sly Stone. Organic soul music
is what I'm on. Black music is Ray Charles
meditating in front of the microphone.

And I'm a microphone fiend
for Kurtis Blow and Latifah the Queen
Black Music has been immitated and duplicated
stolen and given back
it gives me somethin' I can feel
and soul it doesn't lack

I Got It Made is what Special Ed said.
Rakim is the reigning rap legend that
used his lyrics to elevate. A true great, like
Aretha Franklin or Mahalia Jackson.
Loved Red Man's classic Time 4 Sum
Aksion. I'm a Coltrane fan. Miles Davis
was the man.

The man, woman, and child
all go wild for it
we fight the power with it
we overcome with it
it comes from the heart
it can't be scripted
It's our say. It's our Billy Holiday
It's the way we feel the rythum
in our bones
It's our Paul Robeson, our Nina Simone

© Katisha Burth and Christopher D. Sims
All rights reserved by authors.

Monday, 12 September 2011


The mellow sound of space age design is here, in fact it's been here for quite a while now... Tree green t-shirt with white print, our very first item, and just a handful left in stock, so don't sleep. Nice, simple design, 200gsm 100% cotton t-shirt too, and fresher than a daisy. At

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Ok, not much of a summer, but some nice temps..... Here we have our Ivy league style! Ok, so not one of the ivy league colleges, but that vibe for sure (we like to be different, as you've probably noticed). Lightweight cotton t-shirt, with lycra supported neck line for great shape. In a cool light brown/coffee colour, with black print. Boss.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Christopher D Sims - The Way You Touch Me

The way you touch me
is symphony stuccato like.
Leaning towards love and
feelings of lavender.

The way you touch me teases,
tosses, turns, tightens, and
transforms my essence.

The way you touch me
is beyond description.
I can't put a hold on the

I turn to Saturn and Mars for answers
- the experience is just that out there.

The way you touch me
is jazz
is justice
is granduer is great
Carries me to elegant evenings.
is the moon's music, the sun's rays
on the softness of my back.
I don'tknow how to act
when you touch me.

Is love on high
Heaven in purple hues.
My muse, sometimes I
get so confused, but I know
I can't lose.

Your touch I wont refuse.

Is awesome, awakening,

Is evidence of divinity.
Is continuously on my mind
when you're not touching me.

Is subtle, like satire, makes me sing
is incredible, special, brings me solitude.

Is like a Maxwell song, Sade, Jill Scott,
Anita Baker, your touch is major.

Is beyond words, preferred, the slightest verb.
Unnerves me in the most delightful ways.

For your touch, I pray.

© Christopher D. Sims 2011
All rights reserved

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Universal - Leaky Boat (Demo Version)

Gama sponsored band The Universal with a great demo, and decent video!

Christopher D Sims - Tanya's Hungry

Welfare is not at all fair
Especially when you factor in
The cost of health care
and a woman needing a perm
in her hair. 

She stares at an empty pantry
producing nothing but starving children. 

Tanya's hungry without hope.
Her food stamps ran out
Just like the father of her starving

Mothers in the millions
Face this rediculous reality.
Mathematically, we were
doing better in the 80s and

Tanya's hungry and
who the hell cares??!!

In the pantry she stares,
and stares, and stares.
Hoping that food magically

How can the cost of food rise
when the level of "livable wages"
stay the same???

Politicians remained removed
from most people's heartache
and pain.

Debating about nada
when Tanya after Tanya
deal with the drama in
food stamp offices and
long lines.

Tanya's hungry. She's hungry
as hell!! She asks, What can I
sale? What can I invent? What
can I create? For the baby's 

Tanya's hungry. Tanya's hungry.
Tanya's hungry.

We need more government cheese
to feed the needy. Unbelievably,
the poverty rate is just that high.

Tanya cries and wonders why.

Tanya's hungry!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Christopher D sims - If politicians really cared..

If Politician's Really Cared - A Poem by Christopher D. Sims

if politician's really cared,
we would not be in such
a drastic situation.
we would not talk of inflation
or global invasions.

if politicians really cared
Joan could keep her house.
American manufacturers
would not have relocated oversees
or flooded the South.

if politicians really cared
we'd have a more balanced
political system. less Black and
Latino men would be locked up
in prison.

if politians really cared,
education would mean much more.
how to really motivate our children
would be the most important subject
being debated on the House floor.

if politicians really cared, America
would be more than just the "best."
we'd be a true beacon of light
that held hands and participated
with the rest.

Copyright Christopher D. Sims 2011
All rights reserved by author

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Scrimshire featuring Stac “All I Do Is Think of You (Tammi Terrell/ Stevie Wonder Cover)”

Yes, yes, we know.
Stevie Wonder’s catalog really doesn’t need to be touched by anyone that’s not named Stevie Wonder, though really, does that ever stop anyone’s inner spirit from getting filled with joy every time they hear the familiar opening notes to any one of the musical geniuses’ lengthy list of treasured classics at the karaoke bar, no matter how much the ballsy person behind the mic ends up being a disappointment? No.
File this cover of Wonder’s preciousHotter Than July album jam “All I Do”in the (paper-thin) folder of SW remakes that work on all levels, though.
Brought to life by producer/ multi-instrumentalist Scrimshire and jazzy songbird Stac for the Wah Wah 45s music label’s new compilation Allo Love Volume One, this version may lack Stevie’s groovy post-disco shimmer, but that’s ultimately made up for in the soft-to-the-touch soul-pop sweetness of Stac’s innocent, understated coos towards her exciting new love and Scrimshire’s crisp string-laced backing (both nodding towards Tammi Terrell‘s similarly-styled obscure original cut) that make this number sound like the most sugariest of lullabyes.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Universal - Stand Up

The Universal play 'Stand up' live..... Lead singer Terry wears 'original 60's polo shirt from

Thursday, 28 July 2011


From the Wah Wah dub plate series, a mash up between current heroes The Coleman Brothers, and Q-Tip.... Breathe and stop, jazz stylee!

Monday, 25 July 2011


Our good pals at Wah Wah 45's have released this from The Coleman Brothers LP... kooky little video to go with it too.... enjoy!

Friday, 22 July 2011

"The Universal" , "Talk Of The Terrace"

Terry and Co as they appeared on 'Talk of the Terrace' footy programme, catch them in London at The 60's week, and check out the album! Happily sponsored by Gama Clothing...

Friday, 15 July 2011

"Jazz Drips From Her Tongue" by Christopher D. Sims

UniverSoul Love aka Christopher Sims dropping his latest words sporting the Flamingo t-shirt from GCT's.... check 'em out at, and check Christopher out, all over the web, big big talent....