Saturday, 7 January 2012


We love fist fights and arguments.
Anger and uncontrolled comments.
Throwing hurtful words at one another
with no defense.

America loves drama.

We love drag out bouts
and broken bones.

We love “You bitch!”

We still love “Your mama!”

Battered and bruised spirits we
have become. We even teach this
to our daughters and our sons. From
this lifestyle, some of us are addicted,
we cannot run.

America loves drama
with a capital D.
American TV loves seeing the drama
between you and me.

We'll even sit and watch it. Encourage it.
Cheering the hate and the violence on.

Drama. Drama. Drama.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

Beat her ass girl!

That kind of drama.

Drama that lacks understanding,
love, respect, negotiation, calm,
consideration. We have become
that kind of nation.

We wonder why our boys fight
and why our girls have become

It's in our Drama genes.

America loves drama!

© Christopher D. Sims
December 6th, 2011