Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pretty Green Presents Andy Bell - Gary Crowley Interview

Gary Crowley whose GCT's clothing label is sold exclusively here at Gama Clothing, is seen here interviewing Andy Bell at a Pretty Green party, talking clothes, music, and more....

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pretty Green Presents Martin Freeman & Jonny Owen - Gary Crowley Interview

Gary Crowley whose GCT's clothing label is sold exclusively by Gama Clothing, is seen here discussing music and fashion with actors and Gama fans Martin Freeman and Johnny Owen. Good stuff fellas....

Monday, 10 October 2011

Christopher D Sims - The Unemployment Line

I am running out of time. I am losing my mind.
Standing in this unemployment line. The electric
bill is due, no I am not fine! I don't have a dime.
The refrigerator's empty. Bill collectors are
threatening to come and get me. No one has any
patience or sympathy. Imagine living in a house
with children with no electricity.

I flip through the newspaper's classified pages,
knowing that whatever I receive will be of the
lowest wages. The government is breaking down
our earned benefits into stages. I feel weightless
in a world of heavy burdens. Does my senator
or congressman even know that I'm hurting?!

Fumbling through the lint in my pocket. I am
the target of judgmental eyes. Having no money
leaves me paralyzed. What kind of plan can
these politicians devise? Factory after factory
continue to downsize. Escaping taxes as they
move to Mexico, telling their former employees

I stand behind professors, teachers, carpenters,
dishwashers, social works time after time. I am
feeling defeated in this unemployment line.

© Christopher D. Sims
October 8th, 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Unemployed Men by Christopher D Sims

I see them at the library.
Faces burried deep into
newspapers, the classified

With nowhere to go, time
ticking slow, all other things
are void.

I see grim faces on these men.


Lost hope.

Forgotten dreams.

They remember union work
with membership with the
United Auto Workers, high tech
jobs, and back breaking overtime.

What are they finding in newspaper's
words besides high unemployment

I become one with them. I feel their

Do they still love America?

As their eyes peer over the local paper's
blues, who's going to bring them good

© Christopher D. Sims
September 22nd, 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Red Tipped 'Harrington'

The 'Harrington' jacket, is a popular crossover item from the Ivy League wardrobe. Named after a character from a USA soap opera (Peyton Place I believe) who wore a jacket of this type. This jacket has soft cuffs and waistband, tipped with a black stripe, as does the collar. Linen finish, deep red colour, and upper lining in a nice blue tartan. Nice little jacket, more pics to follow. Available now at